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F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant

F10 Super Concentrate Disinfectant


What sets F10 Super Concentrate Disinfectant apart from other strong disinfectants on the market is its combination of total spectrum microbial kill and the unmatched safety of the product itself in terms of not adversely affecting humans or animals.

Suitable for

F10 Super Concentrate Disinfectant is a total spectrum disinfectant used for disinfection of hard surfaces, equipment and air spaces in pharmaceutical manufacturing, clean room and laboratory markets.

Areas of Use

F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant is a total spectrum disinfectant that is registered by the APVMA (nr. 54149) and is available for use in the veterinary/animal, bird and reptile housing/ commercial farming markets in Australia. The product has been successfully used in veterinary markets for a variety of uses including control of specific outbreaks such as kennel cough and Canine Parvovirus, and also as part of general pathogen control programs. It is in use in most of the animal welfare organisations around Australia, as well as numerous vet clinics through veterinary distributors and is also extensively used in the avian and reptile niche markets, as well as in crocodile, pig, poultry and ostrich farming, and private kennels and catteries.

Odour / Fragrance




Form / Material


Dispenser Type

Spray Bottle


F10 Super Concentrate Disinfectant