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SKU: IC2073863

EC21 Foaming Perfumed Handwash

Creamy foam hand wash


Environmentally responsible creamy perfumed foaming hand soap that has been blended to be tough on dirt and grime but soft on hands. It has been formulated from a combination of surfactants, emollients and moisturisers to provide gentle clean that supports healthy skin.

Suitable for

Ideal for all washrooms

Areas of Use

Restaurants & cafeterias, Public facilities, Hospitals & nursing homes, Domestic use, Offices, Schools, Child Care Centres

Odour / Fragrance

Jasmine Fragrance



Form / Material

Foaming Liquid

Dispenser Type

Manual push and touch free soap dispensers


Eco Friendly and Degradable Environmentally Friendly cleaning chemicals Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Chemicals Hand and Body Hygiene Jasol EC21 FOAMING PERFUMED HANDWASH Washrooms