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SKU: IC2210130

BC1 - General Purpose Cleaner Sanitiser

General Purpose Cleaner Sanitiser


Non-hazardous, high performance, quaternary based cleaner / sanitiser containing a blend of synergistic surfactants and sequestering agents and water softeners designed to allow the product to work well in hard or soft water. It is an orange coloured liquid of neutral pH. It is non-perfumed making it an ideal product for use in food preparation and processing areas.

Suitable for

Unlike chlorine based products, Jasol BC1 - Cleaner Sanitiser can be used safely on all surfaces, polished floors, fittings and benches. In addition to its disinfecting properties, it can effectively removes and kills moulds. Its biocidal properties ensure effective deodorising in many applications.

Areas of Use

Restaurants, Cafeterias, Hotels & motels, Hospitals, Nursing homes, Other public facilities, Domestic use

Odour / Fragrance

Non Perfumed



Form / Material


Dispenser Type



Air Fresheners and Odour Control disinfectants and sanitisers Food Production Infection Control Jasol BC1 - General Purpose Cleaner Sanitiser Kitchen Cleaning and Hygiene