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Portable Dispensing Systems

290 Hose End Foamer

DEMA’s 290 Pro Foam hose end foamer attaches to the end of any garden hose and produces rich, thick foam. The rugged foamer body is machined from PVC providing both durability and chemical resistance. Ideal applications include supermarkets, food service areas, and shower rooms where portability is required. The unit includes a 32-ounce chemical bottle, spray gun with quick disconnect fittings, and metering tips.

  • Projects foam up to 7 ft. (2.1 m) with typical water pressure
  • The stainless steel quick disconnect socket features six retaining balls to lock the bottle and foam assembly securely in place
  • Quick disconnect the foam assembly to rinse
  • Requires half the flow rate of competing models reducing chemical usage

Great for: Food Service, Supermarket, Education, Industrial


SafeLink One & DEMA One Hose End Sprayer & Foamer

Designed to be safe, ergonomic, and multi-purposed, the SafeLink One/DEMA One (SL1/DM1) portable dispensing system continues the DEMA tradition of creating products designed with the end-user in mind. The SL1/DM1 sprayer & foamer models provide the portability to easily take the dispenser where you need spray and foam applications. Five models are available, three premium, and two basic. Both the premium and basic have either one position for one chemical or two positions for chemical and the other for rinse. The premium also has a two position for two chemical model. The premium uses a 4 ft. (1.3m) discharge hose for ease of use and maximum reach.

Two versions are available, SafeLink One and DEMA One. SafeLink One easily integrates with DEMA’s patented closed loop chemical management system. DEMA One is designed for any open container with a 38mm neck.


Mobile Compressed Air Foamers & Foggers

DEMA’s mobile compressed air foamers and foggers are innovative systems that allow for easy storage and institutional foam cleaning and fogging. Ergonomic and smart features offer a wide range of mobility and convenience in use. On foaming units, an easy grip on/off ball valve and stainless steel wand add to the overall ease of use and durability expected. Designed with large wheels for easy maneuverability. Uses a pre-mixed solution and compressed air; perfect for blanketing large areas.

Great for: Food Service, Food Processing, Industrial