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Industrial Dispensers

DEMA offers numerous systems for carwash, food & beverage processing, manufacturing, and other industrial applications. Electronic pumps, water driven proportioning pumps, injectors, and venturis handle a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing cleaning needs. From compressed air foamers and foggers to spray and foam dispensers, we have everything you need to clean all the surfaces of your food production or manufacturing facility. Our water driven pumps and wall mounted dispensers can be used to dilute coolants and cutting oils to the right dilution. Our electronic pumps are used to treat wastewater before it is released.

Wall Mounted Spray & Foam Dispenser

A dispenser designed for foaming detergent, spraying sanitizer and offers a rinse. One knob prevents user confusion and misuse of chemicals.

Wall mounted spray and foam dispensers, ball valve actuated. Available in 1 or 2 chemical configurations, with rinse position. Designed for spray and foam applications.

The 606T.2 and the 605T feature easy-to-turn large handles for each product and an attractive impact-resistant ABS cover with a large label area for easy product identification. The 606T features a stainless steel cover and low profile ball valve handles to optimize label space.

.COM units come with all the accessories of other models and a hose rack, 25′ red outlet hose, 6′ inlet hose, and a ball valve spray gun/foam wand.

  • Designed for greater durability, reliability and easier serviceability
  • Stainless steel manifold system with O-ring seals for easy removability and service
  • Polypropylene injectors for chemical and hard water resistance
  • Metering tips included for proper chemical dilution

Great for: Food Service, Food Processing, Industrial, Supermarket


Rapid Fire Spray & Foam Dispenser

Rapid Fire uses a single control knob to select 1 or 2 products, rinse and off functions eliminating the potential for mixing chemicals and ensuring accurate sanitizing and cleaning. Rapid Fire’s unique activation provides 100% ON/OFF, eliminating inaccurate dilutions from low water and chemical flow and ensures full flow for optimal cleaning and rinsing.

  • Single control knob for 1-2 chemicals, rinse and off ensures only single product at a time use
  • Unique flow path for full power 6 gpm (23 LPM) flow
  • Replaceable chemical injector for multiple flow rates
  • Stainless steel design holds up to the most extreme environments
  • Easily removable injector for fast service
  • Hose hanger with strain relief eliminates potential dispenser damage
  • Built-in foam wand hanger helps prevent loss and damage

Push Button Single Product Systems

The DC830TMP is an economical single product chemical dispensing system. The timed metering system is easy to program and setup. The large push button on the front face provides easy operation. The DC830TMP has two motor options to meet any chemical delivery need. The 60 rpm motor delivers 22 oz. per minute and the 105 rpm motor delivers 38 oz. per minute. Three models are available, labeled, and color-coded for chlorine, acid, or detergent.

  • Durable spray resistant ABS enclosure.
  • Large start button on the front of the unit makes activation easy
  • Flexible design can be converted to be controlled by a laundry machine or other controller
  • 22 ounces per minute with 60 RPM gear motor or 38 oz. per minute with 105 rpm gear motor
  • Programmable lock out delivery feature prevents double dosing
  • Program start delay of over 4 minutes for greater flexibility
  • 120, 208, or 240 VAC 50/60 Hz transformer