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What We Do

At iChem, we believe clean is more than getting rid of dirt and germs.

iChem is a health and hygiene company first and foremost. Our products and services make the people we serve, the places they live, work and visit, and the equipment they use, healthier, cleaner, safer and more comfortable.

We know that what goes into our products is important to you. Working with manufacturers and suppliers that use ingredients that are both effective and safe, as well as responsible and ethical is top priority for us.


iChem is committed to providing products that meet the safety, efficiency and wellness demands of our customers.

We are Australian owned and operated, focused on servicing cleaning professionals, facilities and businesses. Supply of products is one part of what we do. Providing access to hygiene professionals, information and services is just as important.

We work with customers in more than 35 industries to help ensure safety, operational efficiency, sustainability, the highest product quality, compliance and guest satisfaction.

How We Work

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Sometimes it’s as simple as providing a single product.

Other times it starts with a site audit, which develops into a compliance and supply plan, backed by regular asset service.

There are 4 parts to our process that differs for every client:

1. Discovery and Audit

This involves visiting your site and completing our Audit system.

2. Solution Proposal

Based on the audit and your business goals, we will propose a solution that suits your cleaning, capability, budgetary, and purchasing demands.

3. Implement and Train

This may involve equipment, storage and information installation. It may also involve operating procedures and even staff training.

4. Review and Report

Initially we will conduct a post implementation review, then continue to make adds and changes to any products or services, reviewed on a regular basis according to your needs.

What this means for our customers is that we recognise that there are often industry similarities, but no two of our customers are the same. We partner with many of Australia’s highest quality and most trusted brands to develop solutions that work for each individual business.

What's important to us

1. Conscious Business Principles

We operate a Conscious Business model, keeping in mind our 6 stakeholders in our business:

Shareholders - Sustainable, long term business and investment practices

Team - Working in ways where all who work with us are valued, engaged, informed and safe.

Customers - Fair prices, quality service and reliable and honest product supply

Suppliers and Partners - Our relationships are driven on more than price alone.

Community and Society - Contribute to community where possible and support staff and their families through fulfilling work and personal flexibility

Environment - Physical and Psychological - In our line of work this is visible in so many things we do. We aim for minimal impact, by sourcing environmentally conscious products, and managing our own energy and material use. We aim to reassure anyone who comes across environments that have been impacted by us that they are safe and hygienic.

No one stakeholder can benefit at the expense of another, which means that whatever we do must consider the impact on the other 5 areas.

2. Healthy and Hygienic.

This is our business after all. What we sell our customers, is what we use ourselves and must contribute to healthier, cleaner, safer and more comfortable environments in which we live and work.

3. Best Quality

Our products and services are a chosen, specific portfolio that serve our target markets and meet our quality standards of supply reliability, environmental responsibility, durability and value for money.

4. Service and Communication

Providing all of our stakeholder groups with consistent, transparent, responsive service and actions. We try to do exactly what we say we will and cater to the different demands of everyone.

Our Suppliers

We work only with suppliers that show commitment to providing value in areas of cost, quality, delivery, innovation, compliance and the environment. Being a hygiene based business means that if we are to live our purpose, we must select suppliers that align with our values.

Areas We Serve

iChem operates from it’s Gold Coast warehouse and services businesses on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich and Northern NSW.